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Ocean Freight

CBM- Cubic meter
CFT- Cubic foot
THC- Terminal handling charges
LCL- Less than container load*
FCL- Full container load (20 or 40 feet)
*LCL is based on cubic meters.( To calculate) L'xW"xH1728= Cubic feet
Cubic feet x .02832= Cubic meter 

Ground Freight
B-train- 2-20ft. trailers being pulled by one tractor
LTL- Less than a truckload
FTL - Full truckload
CWT - Per hundred pounds
PUP- 20ft. trailer
T/L - Trailer Load
Dimensional Freight- Subject to 10# per cubic ft.

Calculate Kilograms to Pounds 
kgs x 2.2= pounds (#) 

Calculate Pounds to Kilograms
Pounds 2.2= kgs 

Dimensional weight 
L"xW"xH" 366= kgs
L"xW"xH" 166= pounds 


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