Great Way/PacWest Fedex Parcel Info and SOP

Fedex International Express Shipping Service

Great Way FedEx Express Package Instructions

1. Provide shipment & package information

2. Create Order and Invoice
Based on information provided, we will create an order and invoice for you within the FedEx system and forward them to you

3. Print Order and Invoice
After receiving the order and invoice:
a. Print out order and invoice (7 pages in total), attach them onto the package and drop the package off at any FedEx location or drop off points
b.  Alternatively, provide the QR code found on the order to a representative at any FedEx location. They can then scan the code and print out a label, which will be placed inside a pouch that will be attached to the package. The package is now ready to be dropped off at FedEx and shipped.

Information about Great Way FedEx Express Shipping
1. Timeline:
FedEx International Priority (FIP): 3-4 days for Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities
FedEx International Economy (FIE): 5-6 days for Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities
2. Reference Rules for Chinese Customs Declaration:
For packages valued at less than 1000 RMB, the recipient can declare customs themselves.
For packages valued between 1000 RMB – 5000 RMB, the sender or a customs broker can declare customs
For packages valued above 5000 RMB, customs declaration needs to follow freight item procedures
(Important Note: The sender should keep the shopping receipt for items in the package in case of need during customs declaration)
3. Packaging: It is recommended that FedEx cardboard boxes are used and try to avoid mixing different items in the same package. In general, the total weight of items for each box should not exceed 5 kgs.
4. Shipping Costs & Discounts: Through Great Way, customers enjoy around a 30% discount on shipping, with orders minimal of 4 lbs. in weight.
FIP : $28 for the first lb, then $6/ lb  
FIE : $25/ for the first lb, then $5/ lb
5. Volumetric Weight Conversion: Length * Width * Height = Volume (Cubic Inches)
Volume (Cubic Inches) / 139 = Volume Weight (Pounds)
6. The chargeable weight is based on the larger value between actual weight and volumetric weight. (Packages under 4 lbs. will be charged as 4 lbs.)
7. For tracking, customer service, refunds & other services, please have the shipper/recipient contact FedEx. (
8. Tips: Track your packages and make sure to view any notification from FedEx. Try to avoid returns, as the air freight charges for returns are very expensive.

Great Way FedEx Express Shipping Payment Methods
1. Cash
2. By check, pay to Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc. Please include the order number in the memo section.
3. Via PayPal to:
(Note: Please have credit card linked to PayPal account, and chose ‘send to friends or family’ when asked about type of payment)
4. Debit/Credit Card. (3% handling fee for credit cards, none for debit cards)