Importer Security Filing (Must be filed at least 24hr prior to vessel setting sail from its foreign origin)
Form 7501
Entry Summary Form (Duty form)
Form 3461
Entry/Immediate Delivery (Release form)
Entry Types
Free and Dutiable: 01
Antidumping/Countervailing Duty (AD/CVD): 03
Free and Dutiable for Informal Entries: 11
Immediate Exportation: 63
Import Date
For merchandise arriving in the U.S. by vessel, it is the date on which the importing vessel transporting the merchandise from the foreign country arrived within the limits of the U.S. port with the intent to unload.
For merchandise arriving in the U.S. other than by vessel, it is the date on which the merchandise arrived within the U.S. port limits.
Entry Date
The date on which the goods are released, except for immediate delivery, quota goods, or where the filer requests another date prior to release.
Bond type
For the import of products to the U.S., Customs Bonds need to be purchased.
Customs Bonds protect the importer from unexpected costs from a wide range of Customs issues. A Customs Bond (sometimes referred to as a U.S. Surety Bond) assures U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) that the importer will fulfill any financial responsibilities for Customs duties, penalties, and other obligations.
The proper Customs Bonds provide a buffer between CBP and the importer, reducing hassles and delays, and is required by CBP for nearly all imports. 

0 - U.S. Government or entry types not requiring a bond
8 - Continuous
9 - Single Transaction
For information on bond application, please email: chb2@great-way.com 
AMS Disposition Codes
1A Entered: Intensive examination required
1B Released: Intensive examination completed
1C Entered and released: General examination