Access to the proper warehouse network is vital for any business looking to expand and penetrate new markets, especially for those in the import/export business. However, establishing the right network can be a huge challenge due to heavy capital requirements and difficulties in management and operation across borders and different cultures. At Great Way, to provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive solutions, we have established an extensive warehouse network across the United States, localized at individual regions. Through this network, Great Way is able to provide the best and most agile warehousing solutions for storage and distribution. With no fixed costs, Great Way offers its warehousing services in a Pay-Per-Use model with industry competitive pricing so our clients can always hit the ground running.

Features of Great Way's US Warehouse Solutions:

  • Five warehouses in the Bay Area (specifically around Oakland, CA)
  • Bulk shipping or single order fulfillment
  • FBA/Drop Shipping Ready
  • Receiving, inventory, storage, packing, shipping, and other services
  • Item return processing
  • Customizable solutions and dedicated Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)