Supply chain finance (SCF) is a set of technology-based business and financing processes that link the various parties in a transaction — buyer, seller and financing institution — in order to lower financing costs and improve business efficiency. Supply chain finance provides short-term credit that optimizes working capital for both the buyer and the seller.
Great Way's supply chain finance platform is designed to accommodate the businesses on the international import and export supply chain, more roles are involved in the chain such as importers and exporter in different countries and regions. Fully utilizing the characteristics of international logistics such as hidden pledges of shipment, Great Way's SCF platform widely collaborates with import export banks and private funds to finance the key business on the long logistics chain and facilitate the cross-border business. 
1.  Finance the manufacturers based on its production orders.
2.  Finance the exporters for its overseas purchase orders.
3.  Finance the export duty return with cash advance.
4.  Finance the e-commerce business based on online order fulfillment.
5.  Finance the overseas distributor based on their credit and A/R.