Trading Escrow Service Introduction

Import and Export Trading Escrow Service is a value-added trading service is based on a concept developed by Great Way's existing self-owned logistics networks and a group of well-experienced international trading experts. Great Way came up with this new service for its customers to enhance the security, efficiency, and productivity in international business transactions.
Increased Security - The number one concerned issue in international trade is the credibility of the counter-partner in overseas. With our trading escrow service, both the seller and buyer will get a layer of security in an import and export transaction. The buyer will get a layer of security to maximally avoid the risks in purchasing from a strange overseas seller. The seller will maximally secure the payment from the overseas buyer or get the whole shipment back from any possible fraudulence.
Efficiency – The second problem with international trade is the complicated transaction procedures and standards, such as int'l contract terms and clauses, various documentations, L/C negotiation, and arbitration. Great Way will handle the transaction on behalf of the buyer or seller to overcome the barriers of credibility, including the international trading terms, geographic distance, time difference, language and cultural gaps. The efficiency is achieved when Great Way has taken over the troubles from the both sides.
Productivity – By overcoming all the technical and cultural barriers mentioned above, Great Way's trading service will convert all deals from a strange and complicated international transaction into a friendly and simple domestic deal that both the buyers and sellers are familiar with. The operating cost of each side is minimized and the productivity is achieved.

This trading escrow service is value added service to existing customers. Great Way is not a competitor, but a helper and alliance to its customers who are trading internationally. With its networks, facilities and trained professionals at the both export and import countries, Great Way's trading escrow service will remove the burdens of the import and export transactions.
For the details of implementation of this trading escrow service, please feel free to contact Great Way's offices to discuss how we can help you with your import and export business.