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Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc. established a branch in Beijing, China named Beijing Great Way Int'l Forwarding Co., Ltd , which mainly engages in international cargo transportation and logistics management, customs declaration, and import/export consultation. Beijing Great Way Int’l Forwarding Co., Ltd. meets the international standard in terms of technology, resources, and management.
With the growth of Great Way's business in China, Beijing Great Way has taken on an increasingly important role as the core organization of Great Way in the entire Asia-Pacific region. Great Way has branches or joint ventures in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Canada, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Xiamen, Chongqing, Tianjin, Dalian, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Our business scope ranges from China to the United States through its mature and efficient operation network. We specializes in providing sea, land and air international transportation in North America-China region. Beijing Great Way has signed contracts with more than 20 ship owners and airlines to support the transportation of dry goods, live animals, frozen goods and dangerous goods. At the same time, we also charter for the transportation of bulk cargo, including dangerous goods. We have great rates in the Middle East, and we provide professional, high-quality and unique services in Europe. With more than 20 years of expansion, our company has our own agent network in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Japan, with a wide range of services.
Based on our deep understanding of the Chinese market, excellent management model, advanced domestic and international network, and well-trained and internationally-advanced workforce, Beijing Great Way is able to achieve outstanding service awareness through the international market. We provide tailor-made logistics and freight services for every domestic and foreign client.
In the arduous development, Great Way understood that a company's growth and development comes from "service, professionalism, reputation, technology, innovation, cooperation." Namely: use our continuous improvement and innovation of advanced and high-quality professional services to conduct more extensive and in-depth cooperation with you!

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Tel: (010) 64811231 / 64952321; Customer Manager: Lucy Liu
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Address: No.6 Beijing Futong East Street Fangheng International Block B Room 1508 Beijing 100102 PR CHINA