Amazon FBA

Amazon is the largest e-commerce market platform in the world. A large part of its success is due to its excellent logistics system, known as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Through the efficiency, scale and reach of this system, Amazon is able to provide excellent logistics services that both satisfy its platform customers and retain the many merchants on its marketplace.


Though Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent service, it is not the best solution for every Amazon merchant. For sellers to be directly and fully connected to the FBA system, they need to meet many requirements and full integration may prove difficult due to the following reasons. First, all shipments entering the FBA network need to be palletized and labeled according to Amazon standards. The merchandise also needs to be dispatched to many of FBA's locations across the United States, a difficult task even for larger sellers. There are also entry barriers to using the FBA network, limited to those approved by Amazon. With increased FBA storage and warehousing costs due to changes in Amazon's service policy in favor of larger sellers with higher overall volume, smaller and mid-size merchants are often put in a tough spot.
Great Way, using its established extensive logistic network, international freight forwarding capabilities and customs expertise, offers comprehensive and flexible solutions to address these issues. Through Great Way's FBA Prep and FBA Transfer services, sellers can enjoy the benefits of FBA while remaining agile and keep costs down. Some of the services offered include:


  • Receiving & Preparation – Receive FCL & LCL shipments. Sort and palletize merchandise
  • Delivery – Dispatch FTL or LTL shipments in accordance with FBA D/O
  • Secondary Processing – Process merchandise based on need: reclassification, repackaging, and relabeling