Service Introduction
All successful import and export transactions are the result of the contributions from all supporting parties such as international banks, freight forwarders, customs brokers, warehouses and distributors, and insurance companies.  International trade is also ruled and regulated by multiple government agencies in both origin and destination countries such as Customs, Quarantine and Inspection, Foreign Exchange Bureau, and Food and Drug Administrations. It’s troublesome for a lot of new comers to prepare all the trading documents and go through all the red tape to meet the requirements of the changing regulations and policies on both ends. Therefore, an easier way to retain professional trading agents such as Great Way to furnish the documents and conclude the transactions, partially or full passages. 
Below is a typical entrusted agent operation procedure:

1.Agent Agreement – Either the international seller or buyer enters an Agent Agreement with Great Way after the seller and buyer have confirm the basic terms of purchase order.

2.Purchase Order – Great Way will help the client to draft the international Purchase Contract.

3.Execute the P/O - Great Way’s office or authorized agent at the origin country will follow and enforce the manufacturing or supply chain, and prepare the documents for export shipment, before it makes booking, arranges the loading, and negotiates payment with the paying banks.

4.Shipping/Receiving - Great Way’s office or authorized agent at the destination country will arrange customs clearance, duty payment, and retrieve the shipment.

5.Accounting Settlement – Great Way will follow the agreement to arrange payment of purchase and freight, as well as customs duties and logistics expense for and on behalf of its client.