Hi-tech and Investment Brokerage

Since Great Way's establishment in San Francisco Bay Area, it has been surrounded in a high-tech environment - Silicon Valley, and our customers importing and exporting all kind of computing and information technology products. While half of our customers belong to stable traditional business of consuming goods, from foodstuff, footwear, to furniture, another half of our customers are engaged in daily changing hi-tech products, from computer parts to iPhone, from silicon wafers, to pharmaceutical products. Standing on balanced network resources between the traditional industries and innovation giants, Great Way plays another brokerage role in matchmaking the old and new businesses entrepreneurs, between the rising East and the developed West, along with its evolution from traditional transportation service to value-added 3PL and 4PL services.
Great Way has maintained a group of hi-tech elites who not only have PhD degrees and technology background, but also have entrepreneurship, and experience of venture capital, production management, and banking services. The team also includes former industry public policy makers. The team members not only can easily understand the most updated hi-tech, but also can link them to the real business world and help realize their commercial value. Great Way helps those start-ups and small hi-tech business owners to find them investors and business partners to grow up their new ideas into hi-tech breakthroughs. Great Way hosts such development of a new joint-venture by playing a role to coordinate the entrepreneurs and investors, so that the innovating techs can grow up under good fertilization of financing, manufacturing, management and marketing services arranged by Great Way.
Great Way at current stage focuses on the fields of new energy, new generation of network, e-commerce business model, innovating medications, artificial intelligence, and the application of blockchains.