Disaster relief supplies for Chinese and overseas Chinese in the Bay Area to catch the last flight of China Southern Airlines and return home

2020-02-25 18:25:15 browes:  
At 11 o'clock in the middle of the night on February 13, Gong Jianyong watched more than 300 kilograms of anti-epidemic materials donated by overseas Chinese in the Bay Area enter the warehouse of China Southern Airlines, and caught up with the last flight that carried the anti-epidemic materials free of charge and flew directly to China. At around 11:00 p.m. on the 14th, China Southern Airlines flight CZ658 departed for Guangzhou. For the next 6 weeks, there were no direct flights from San Francisco to mainland China. Gong Jianyong is the president of Great Way Trading Co., Ltd. In the past two weeks, he and his employees have sent away dozens of pallets of bulk epidemic prevention materials and opened a small parcel service. Thousands of small parcels of materials have been sent to In China, employees are required to place orders by hand, so Gong Jianyong and his employees live and eat at the company. "Everyone is anxious when watching the epidemic. When they are anxious, they don't care about whether to work overtime or not, and they don't care about eating when they are busy." For half a month, Gong Jianyong's company's original logistics business has been suspended. In order to help China cope with the epidemic, Chinese and overseas Chinese living overseas have the money to contribute money and strength, raising funds, sweeping goods, transporting goods, and using the model of "ant moving" to help the epidemic area. Many Chinese groups, charitable organizations, logistics companies, airlines, and caring people in the Bay Area and even across the United States participated in this love relay. Previously, the passenger planes of China Southern Airlines, Air China and other airlines could bring supplies back home for free, but with the gradual reduction of flights, overseas material assistance has become more and more difficult. Gong Jianyong said that two consuls from the San Francisco Consulate General returned to China a few days ago. Due to the lack of space on the passenger plane, the two simply left their luggage and belongings and made room to bring supplies back to China. After all non-stop flights from San Francisco to mainland China were suspended, the logistics could only rely on connecting flights, paid cargo planes, Fedex, etc. The amount of cargo carried is very small, and each flight can only carry 400 kilograms of cargo, which is really a drop in the bucket for rescue supplies,” Gong Jianyong said. (Singtaotv Star TV Peng Shiqiao)